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Protege Publishing & PromotionProfessional Services – Terms and Conditions

This agreement is effective as of today’s date by and between iOS Maui LLC, (DBA Protégé Publishing & Promotion) having an address at PO Box 1031, Kula, Hawaii, 96790, and Professional Self-Publisher (“Author”). Each, are a “Party” and collectively the “Parties”. The Parties agree as follows: Professional Services Payment & Fulfillment Policy: All Professional Publishing Services must be paid for in full, before any work will commence. Purchases of publishing products and services indicate explicit agreement to Terms and Conditions. There are no exceptions. Protégé Publishing & Promotion policy is to collect payment at the time the service is purchased. Purchases can be made online at Protégé Publishing & Promotion accepts all major credit cards thru PayPal. Purchases made with fraudulent or insufficient funds will automatically terminate service agreement. Once the Author’s project is activated, the Author is expected to communicate with Protégé Publishing & Promotion on a regular basis and work towards project completion. Project completion may be delayed if the Author is unavailable for an extended period of time. Protégé Publishing & Promotion business phone hours are M-F 8am – 4pm HST. Author’s Responsibilities: 1. Paying in full for service before work will commence and payment must be made via Protégé Publishing & Promotion accepted payment options at Protégé Publishing & Promotion accepts cash, checks, as well as, all major credit cards thru PayPal. 2. Maintaining an active email account to be used as the main source of communication for Protégé Publishing & Promotion correspondence and notifying Protégé Publishing & Promotion in the event that email address changes. 3. Supplying all necessary materials and files that meet Protégé Publishing & Promotion requirements, to complete the Professional Publishing Service. In the event the Author cannot provide the necessary materials, for any reason, and Protégé Publishing & Promotion has not yet commenced work on behalf of the Author, the Author may request a full refund via email within 30 days from the date of purchase, minus a non-refundable administrative fee of $50. 4. In the event the Author makes a request for additional services not included in the Authors originally purchased service, the Author understands that no services will be performed until Protégé Publishing & Promotion has received payment in full. Protégé Publishing & Promotion Responsibilities: 1. Following all guidelines and protocol for fulfilling each respective service. 2. Returning of all completed services files to the Author and shipment of one galley copy, if ordered. In the event the Author fails to respond to Protégé Publishing & Promotion requests for approval, all projects will be deemed APPROVED after 30 days of the initial notification. 3. Storing Author’s completed services files for 21 days following the approval of the project. Protégé Publishing & Promotion will purge all files at the end of 21 days. Files that are associated with a published project will remain intact. 4. Fulfilling services according this agreement. WARRANTIES The Author represents, warrants, and guarantees that he or she is the sole and only author of the Work and is the owner of the copyright to all of its contents; that he or she has not engaged in plagiarism with respect to the Work and that the content of the Work is entirely his or her own creation and the creation of no one else; that the Work is true and accurate in all respects; that if fiction, the work represents no real event or person in a way that could be deemed libelous; that if nonfiction, the Work does not misstate any important or material fact or fail to state any important material or fact, the result of which would libel any person or result in a person being placed in a false or damaging light; that work does not infringe upon any statutory or common law right or copyright or privacy of any third party; that the Author is owner of any trademarks and/or trade names associated with the work; that the Work does not constitute obscenity or hate literature; and that the Author has the right to enter into this Agreement. The Author acknowledges and agrees that Protégé Publishing & Promotion acquires no right of ownership to the Work under this Agreement; that Protégé Publishing & Promotion is a provider of limited services only and that Protégé Publishing & Promotion assumes no responsibility for reviewing or correcting the content of the Work. The Author retains full ownership of the Work itself. Protégé Publishing & Promotion also reserves the right to use the work, or excerpts of, in printed and online collateral, for the purpose of promotion and marketing. Protégé Publishing & Promotion will not be liable for delays, errors or nonperformance of Services caused by any third party vendor or supplier of Protégé Publishing & Promotion. ADDITIONAL CHARGES: All Authors, without exception, are subject to additional charges for any work in addition to the scope of work identified in the original Services package purchased. In the event that Protégé Publishing & Promotion determines the publishing project requires more work than what is included in the purchased package, Protégé Publishing & Promotion will communicate to the Author the additional work required and related additional fees for said work. No work will be performed until Protégé Publishing & Promotion has received payment in full.  Once the Author has purchased the service, Protégé Publishing & Promotion will initiate work on the project. If the Author decides not to order the additional recommended services, Protégé Publishing & Promotion will complete the project as originally purchased, but can not guarantee acceptance by distributors. For questions, concerns or disputes, please contact Protégé Publishing & Promotion so that we can work to find a solution. In the event of non-payment or returned payment an Author’s project will be terminate. Any requested changes after the project is complete and approved would require the purchase of a new service. Once the service is purchased these Terms and Conditions are binding. Protégé Publishing & Promotion reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions anytime without prior notice.