Aloha: The Message of Hawaii

Meet the authors of Aloha, The Message of Hawaii

anolia Anolia Orfrecio Facun Anolia Orfrecio Facun (download her Digital Media Kit here) is an active Community Health Advocate, being called as the “Ambassador of Aloha” or “Ambassador of Love.” Anolia is a passionate social entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author. She specializes in collaborating with communities in spreading the message of Hope, Love and Victory. Anolia offers practical solutions for today’s challenging times.

Anolia is a lady with a mission: To share and show people, regardless of circumstances, how abundance can actually be achieved by understanding and applying the “Total Wellness” principles. For over thirty years, Anolia dealt with and witnessed thousands of people go through life’s complexities in search of happiness, health and prosperity. She drew conclusions based on basic life principles, science, logic and simple common sense. These basic human principles are nothing new, and still apply. People need wellness in all areas of their lives to experience completeness or total well-being and its naturally occurring abundant result.

She was born in the Philippines and came to America at a tender age of twenty-two as a nurse, with a suitcase and a few dollars in hand. She knew no one, nor had an address to go home to when she arrived, having to report to work the following day. Her experience as a young recruited nurse in this new land of America was a story by itself. She managed to cope, survive and even thrive through all the learning experiences she’d been through.

Before going to writing, Anolia & husband Victor, had also faced many challenges, yet gained successes and many valuable lessons in her careers as she held three licenses: a Registered Nurse license (BSN), Insurance license (dealing with financial services as a trainer), and Real Estate license (both real estate and mortgage, team building and training). A cancer survivor herself, thinking of how these experiences and valuable lessons learned over thirty years will all just go to waste if not passed on, she put them in writing through her books. You may find her books at Amazon and

Anolia is the author of numerous bestselling books including Yes! The Secrets Work– Discover Your Unlimited Potential and Purpose in Life; Today’s S.O.S. (Secrets of Survival); Aloha, The Message of Hawai’i; The Spirit of Silicon Valley – Journeys and Transformation beyond Technology; Life ABCs; and co-author of Game Changers: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs - How They Are Changing the Game and You Can, Too; and more at works. She acknowledges God to be her source for everything. Anolia’s realized purpose in life is to reach out to individuals, and communities to go back to the basic human principles in dealing and managing their daily personal, career, business or social lives. To learn more about Anolia, her mission works, or how she can share with your group, visit chelseatyson Chelsea Ayano Tanaka Tyson is a 17 year-old world traveler with an expansive personality, an active life style, and an exciting dream for her future. She lives ”smack dab in the middle of the island of Oahu [Hawaii]” with her parents, Morris and Leslie. She seldom sits still as her favorite activities include hiking, tennis, and running. Chelsea's need for excitement bubbles to the surface in the form of her all time favorite activity: travel. Since her birth on April 17, 1994, she has traveled to Japan nine times and to India once. Chelsea is an only child, but her family is not small. Though none of them live with her, two step-brothers, one step-sister, and one half-sister all make up Chelsea's family. Two indispensable members of the Tyson family are a bunny named Bijoux, and a finch who wishes to remain anonymous. Two other things Chelsea could not live without include watermelon and ice cream. Not only is Chelsea Tyson a traveler, she is also a thinker. This is her third year as a home schooler—officially a junior at the high school level. The best advice Chelsea says she ever received is, “Don't live in the past, or you might miss out on the future.” And her future surely looks bright. Chelsea dreams of becoming a journalist—first, as one who travels around the world, then, as a work-from-home freelance journalist. These are some pretty ambitious goals, but she believes she can do it. Just as her favorite Bible verse says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” leslietyson Leslie Tyson, owner and founder of Smart Solutions 24-7, Leslie M. Tyson happily provides customized services through Virtual Assistance support for her clients. With a penchant for business, she continues to seek new opportunities to expand, as a means to support various non-profit organizations in her community. She endeavors to use her position in the market place as an outreach to connect other entrepreneurs with the same vision to impact their community in a powerful way, bringing hope to all. She credits her Lord and Creator for the wonderful opportunities that abound as a work-at-home wife to husband Morris, and daughter Chelsea. Her life mission is to make a difference in the lives of others, while she still has breath. Not wanting to waste any time, she strives to make the most of every moment—balancing work, fun times with family, home school activities, and personal pursuits, such as learning to speak Russian and seeing how many more years she can complete the Honolulu Marathon.