Kirkus and Clarion Review

Kirkus/Clarion Reviews

Book reviews are an essential and valuable tool for promoting books to literary agents, traditional publishing houses, booksellers and potential readers.

Kirkus Review

The Kirkus Indie program gives independently published authors the opportunity to obtain an unbiased, professional review of their work. The Kirkus Indie program is written in the same format as a traditional Kirkus review. This service provides honest evaluations of books, whether positive, negative or anywhere in between. If the reviewer gave your book a poor review, it provides you an opportunity to take a deeper look at your work. It is best to make any changes to the manuscript before investing in your marketing. Price: $425.00 – Standard Review (7-9 weeks) $575.00 – Expedited Review (4-6 weeks)
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Clarion Review

Receive a professional, candid review of your self-published book from ForeWord Clarion Reviews. Use all or part of your review to enhance your marketing materials and choose to have it archived in a variety of title information databases used by booksellers and librarians who make purchasing decisions. Price: $399.00 – Standard Review (8 weeks) $549.00 – Expedited Review (4 weeks)
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