iOS Maui Apps – FAQ

question-markFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is iOS Maui?
What’s included when you build the app for me?
Do you charge extra to send push notifications?
What is the monthly fee for?
Do I need a developer account?

question_markWho is iOS Maui?

iOS Maui is a Maui-based mobile solutions company specializing in building mobile applications for small businesses.

question_markWhat’s included when you build the app for me?

After an initial consultation, our team of expert designers will build a customized app that is branded perfectly to your business. Once the app prototype has met with your approval, we will then submit the app though our developer accounts to the iTunes App Store and Google Play. This will take up to 10 business days. Once accepted, your customers will be able to download your app on to their smartphone.


question_markDo you charge extra to send push notifications?

Absolutely not! Even though this is probably the most powerful mobile marketing service we offer, there are no additional fees whatsoever and you can send as many push notifications as you want.

question_markWhat is the hosting and maintenance fee for?

It is for App Hosting and Maintenance, which includes unlimited access to your CMS dashboard, unlimited Push Notifications, App Usage, and QR Codes. Access to robust analytics and 3rd party integrations are also included in the annual hosting and maintenance fee. Our servers are hosted in the cloud using the latest hosting technology with 99.9% up-time for your apps. Smartphone manufacturers regularly make updates to their phones’ operating systems to develop new features and fix any bugs. It’s not uncommon for there to be up to 10 updates per year. When these updates are made they can interfere with the functionality of the app. To ensure that your app continues to work flawlessly on all smartphones, we work behind the scenes programming, testing and republishing when necessary. You will also receive a free annual "redesign and republish" to add new features or change App Store listings.

question_markDo I need a developer account?

When we build your app, we will submit the app through our developer account, saving you time and money. We are very experienced in the submission process.